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Wonderboard accessories

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Here you will find various accessories that can be used with Wonderboard panels and tiles.
FRP (Food Resistant Panels) = Low Maintenance

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Cleaner - degreaser 1000ml (+/- 50 m²), Primer universal 5000ml (+/- 50 m²), Primer universal 1000ml (+/- 10 m²), Adhesive sausage 600ml (+/- 1,2 m²) for direct glueing, Hand caulk sprayer for adhesive sausage 600ml, Airpressure caulk sprayer for. 600ml, 2-component glue cartridge incl. spray head 400ml (+/- 25 m²), Spray head for 2-component glue cartridge, Hand caulk syringe for 2-component glue cartridge, Air pressure sprayer for 2-component glue cartridge, Masking tape for 2-component glue cartridge, Silicone sealant 310ml