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HPL (Trespa®) Sheets RAL colours

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Would you like to order a Trespa® panel in RAL colours? At Kunststof Forte Belgium, the HPL Trespa panels are available in various colours.

The Trespa panel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is scratch- and weather-resistant and has a double-sided surface decor.

These are available in the standard size of 6mm x 3050mm x 1300mm.

The sheets are used in particular for the Signs & Graphics and Construction sectors.

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HPL (Trespa®) Sheets RAL colours.

Trespa panels are available in several specific colours, for example black. At Kunststof Forte Belgium we offer you a range of sheets in different RAL colours.

The manufacturer Trespa® is the global market leader in the field of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels. By adding coloured pigments to the surface, many different RAL colours are possible.

The sheets are available in the size 6mm x 3050 x 1300.

Why coloured Trespa® buy plates?

This plate is available in various RAL colours and is specially produced for outdoor applications, for example for advertising signs at sports fields, fascia boards and fascias (wall cladding). The plate can take a considerable beating, making it extra suitable for outdoor use.

Due to its attractive characteristics, the board material is well suited for use in interiors, e.g. in kitchens, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, shipbuilding, and for exterior use in Sign & Graphics and construction.

These attractive features are:

  • Impervious to moisture (hygienic).
  • Well resistant to scratches and abrasion.
  • Tough, because the material is impact-, vandal- and graffiti-resistant.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Heat resistant up to +/- 70°C (do not put boiling pans on an HPL plate!)
  • Any colour and design can be given to the top layer. This gives HPL not only a practical but also an architectural aspect, both for interior design and for facade cladding.
  • HPL is colourfast in artificial light.
  • The specific gravity is approx. 1400 kg/m3, which makes HPL relatively heavy.

You can also come to us if you HPL sheets in the RAL colour white want to buy.

Easy-care material.

Cleaning a Trespa® panel in RAL colours is very simple. Their surface is non-porous, which makes them very easy to clean.

If they are lightly soiled, a clean cloth and clean water are sufficient. However, even stubborn dirt such as graffiti can in most cases be easily cleaned with organic solvents (acetone, methylated spirits, etc.).

Do not use abrasives, scouring pads or polishes to clean the surfaces. This could damage it.

Download here The technical data sheet of our HPL/Trespa panels.

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6mm x 3050 x 1300


Silver Metallic RAL9006, Black RAL9005, Cream RAL9001, Dark brown RAL8014, Quartz grey RAL7035, Soft grey RAL 7037, Light grey RAL 7035, Anthracite RAL7016, Steel grey RAL 7011, Pine green RAL6009, Steel blue RAL5011, Wine red RAL3005, Ivory RAL1015, Greyish white RAL9002, Light Ivory, Sand colour, Monumental green, Concrete look, Super white RAL9016, Black grey RAL7021, Silver grey, Cor-Ten steel look, Signal yellow RAL1003, Signal red RAL3001, Signal blue RAL5005, Wood texture