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A ball grid, leaf trap or root-proof membrane complete your green roof.


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Ball grid

A ball grid is placed in a recessed roof outlet of a flat roof. The stainless steel ball grid offers protection against gravel rolling in. It also prevents leaves and other dirt from entering the drain.


ø 80-100 mm.


When installing, the narrow end is clamped into the drain. It is necessary to check and clean the bulb grille every year to promote the flow of rainwater.


Leaf trap

A leaf trap prevents leaves and other debris from
into the drain.


The leaf trap is made of LDPE material, which is rigid and durable, making it resistant to all weather conditions.


The leaf trap is connected to the rainwater discharge by a clamping mechanism. During maintenance, the leaf trap should be cleaned to promote a good flow of rainwater.


Root protection film


Root resisting (WW) film is an LDPE film and
is a durable material that withstands moisture well.
and root growth.


The root-resistant (WW) LDPE foil is
applied to a roof without root-proofing
roofing materials to make them root-resistant. The
The use of this foil means that the roof is not


Root protection film should be placed on the roof first
placed, after which the further construction
follows. Ensure that the root-resistant foil is well positioned on the
each other by means of an overlap of
approx. 25-50 cm


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Leaf trap, Ball grid, Root protection foil per 4m²