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Green roof supplies

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To make your sedum roof complete, you can order the following accessories:

  • Protection/felt cloth
  • Ball grid
  • Leaf catchers
  • Root protection film
  • Partition profile type A (40/60) 2 metres
  • Roof edge profile type 2 (80/100) 2 metres - including connector


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Protective felt cloth: This protective sheet is made from recycled fibres and is used to protect your current roofing. (per 2 m²)

Ball grid: The stainless steel ball grid is installed in a recessed roof drain of a flat roof. It protects your drain from gravel, leaves and other debris rolling in.
It is necessary to check and clean the bulb grid every year to promote the flow of rainwater.

Leaf catcher: A leaf trap prevents leaves and other debris from entering the drain. The leaf trap is connected to the rainwater discharge by a clamping mechanism. During maintenance, the leaf trap should be cleaned to promote a good flow of rainwater.

Root protection film: If your current roofing is not root-resistant, the best option is to use this root-resistant membrane. The use of this foil does not make the roof watertight. The root resistant foil must be placed on the roof first, after which the further construction of the green roof follows. Ensure that the root-resistant membrane fits well together with an overlap of 50 cm.

Partition profile type A (40/60) - length 2 m: A separation profile serves to separate the gravel strip from the vegetation and substrate layer. The separation profile is placed on the drainage. Place the profile at least 20 to 30 cm from the roof edge. The gravel strip is applied over the base of the profile. The further construction of the green roof is placed on the other side.

Roof edge profile type 2 (80/100) - length 2 m: This roof edge profile is an aluminium L-profile that serves as a roof edge finish for roofs without an upstand. The roof edge profiles can be glued to the roof with fixing kit. The profiles can be connected to each other with the aid of the connecting pieces supplied. The connectors fall within the roof edge profile and are therefore not visible.
Material: aluminium, L-profile, fully perforated
Length: 200 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 1.46 kg/st

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Leaf trap, Ball grid, Protective cover per 2m², Root protection foil per 4m², Partition profile type A 40/60, Roof edge profile type 2 80/100