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Recycling of organic garden and kitchen waste in a bin with an unlimited lifespan, made from recycled plastic waste. Could it be more environmentally friendly?

The ECO-oh! Compost bin is modular and can be expanded very easily. With two or three compost bins next to each other, you can easily transfer the composting material from one bin to the other.

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Our basic compost bins are made of recycled plastic. With their neat and natural look, these compost bins fit into any garden, large or small. Think, for example, of the allotments of greenery lovers. The compost bin can also be very well applied to school grounds, municipalities, etc. Besides all mentioned advantages, they also have an educational function.
Our compost bins are ideal for leaves, fruit, branches and more. This bin is suitable for every garden.

The basic compost bin comes in 4 different sizes:

  • compost bin basic module 80/100 873 litres
  • compost bin basic module 100/100 1050 litres
  • compost bin basic module 100/120 1300 litres
  • compost bin basic module 120/120 1500 litres

Basic module 100/100 - 100/120 - 120/120 is the topper on the market for the home composter. You can add as many compartments (100 x 100 cm, 100 x 120 or 120 x 120 cm) as you like. One bin holds the plastic waste collected by a family of four for two years. The bin can easily handle a 200 m² garden and vegetable, fruit and garden (VFG) waste. This bin also features removable shelves at the front. This way, you can easily reach the bottom of your compost. This bin can also be fitted with an optional modular roof.
You can also order the extension module, the reinforcement strip and the roof. So you can get started right away!

You can expand your compost bin by adding the following items:

  • compost bin attachment
  • roof for basic compost bin or extension module
  • reinforcing rod

Technical data sheet Compost bin (basic module)

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Compost bin basic

basic module 80/100 873 litres, basic module 100/100 1050 litres, basic module 100/120 1300 litres, basic module 120/120 1500 litres