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Compost bin attachment

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The ECO-oh! Compost bin is modular and can easily be expanded with these add-on modules. With two or three compost bins next to each other, you can easily transfer the composting material from one bin to another, and you can determine the size of your compost bin yourself. This bin is suitable for any garden.

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Our basic compost bins are made of recycled plastic. With their neat and natural look, these compost bins fit into any garden, large or small.
The compost bin is used in one's own garden but also in municipalities, school grounds, etc.
The bins are not affected by acids, salts and/or microbial action of the compost. The removable front baffles make your work lighter and more pleasant.
Besides all the advantages mentioned, they also have an educational function. Our compost bins are ideal for leaves, fruit, branches and much more. This compost bin is suitable for every garden.


  • Compost bin attachment 80/100 873 litres
  • Compost bin attachment 100/100 1050 litres
  • Compost bin attachment 100/120 1300 litres
  • Compost bin attachment 120/120 1500 litres


Assembly instructions Compost bin Attachment

Technical data sheet Compost bin (extension module)




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Compost bin attachment

add-on module 80/100 873 litres, add-on module 100/100 1050 litres, add-on module 100/120 1300 litres, add-on module 120/120 1500 litres