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Aluminium composite plate specials - Butler Finish

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The aluminium composite sheets (sandwich sheets) from Kunststof Forte Belgium are plastic sheets that are increasingly being used in the advertising and construction sectors and at home.

Aluminium composite has a modern appearance. It consists of 3 layers: 2 outer layers of aluminium, with an intermediate layer of polyethylene. This is why it is often called sandwich plates.

Aluminium composite is very sturdy, durable and lightweight.

Due to its low weight, it is much easier to handle and plate than a more solid aluminium plate of equal thickness, and it easily replaces the HPL sheets.

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Material Aluminium composite plate - Butler Finish (3mm)

Our aluminium composite sheets are also known under the brand names Dibond®, Alupanel®, Vibond® and Prepanel®. These sheets are made of a strong and impact-resistant material and are composed of 3 layers.

Every aluminium composite sheet at Kunststof Forte Belgium consists of a black plastic core of polyethylene (PE). Both sides of the aluminium composite have a 0.25 mm thick top layer.

These sheets are available in different colours. They have one side in brushed aluminium in the colour anthracite, the other side in the chosen colour.

The brushed pattern of the aluminium composite butler finish panels always runs widthways, i.e. horizontally.

Aluminium composite Butler Finish - Properties

Aluminium composite sheets are rigid, very lightweight and durable. The sheets are also easy to process by drilling, sawing, gluing and milling.

Since all aluminium composite sheets are covered on both sides with a high quality protective film, the sheets are protected during processing.

The plates are easy to clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Aluminium composite Butler Finish - Applications

Aluminium composite Butler Finish boards can be perfectly used for various indoor applications due to its excellent properties. For example, it is very popular for making a back wall in the kitchen or bathroom.

But the panel is also often used in furniture, for example as a cabinet or as (part of) a table. The material is also often used in stand construction or displays. It is also an excellent material for mail carriers, art prints and (shop) interiors,...

Aluminium composite Butler Finish Anthracite - outdoor use

It is not possible to use the aluminium composite Butler Finish in the colour anthracite for outdoor applications.

The sheets may discolour over time. Therefore, these sheets are only suitable for indoor use. The aluminium composite plate in the colour white can be used outdoors. The white sandwich sheets are often used, for example, for facade cladding, advertising signs or signposting.

Download here The technical data sheet of our Aluminium Composite sheets.

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