Plastic Forte

About Plastic Forte

Plastic Forte:

Kunststof Forte is a webshop specialised in the supply of plastics. We offer a wide range of sheet materials and other plastics, in various thicknesses, sizes and colours.

We stand for strength and progress. We do this together with our customers and our customers with us.
Kunststof Forte is open to all your forms of creativity, because what is plastic used for nowadays? You can think of:

  • Interior solutions
  • Design
  • Shop design
  • Balustrades
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Security solutions

We supply everything related to drain PVC, pressure PVC and the entire range of Tylenes. This is often used for ponds, swimming pools and stables.

Plastic sheet materials

We are also big and strong in plastic sheet materials, such as acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate, PVC, PVC hard foam, HDPE, plastic mirrors and design sheets. These materials are especially suitable for construction-related companies, but they are also used by artists, designers, interior builders and in the shipping industry. We saw it to size for you and deliver on location.

Artificial grass

We also have artificial grass in our range. We can supply this in many variants of high quality. All varieties are made of real Ten Cate fibres.

Would you like more information? Then we invite you to meet one of our employees at Kunststof Forte!