Plastic Forte

General conditions

Table of materials:

Article 1 - Definitions
Article 2 - Identity of the trader
Article 3 - Champ d'application
Article 4 - L'offre
Article 5 - The contract
Article 6 - Right of withdrawal
Article 7 - Fees in case of retraction
Article 8 - Exclusion du droit de rétractation
Article 9 - The price
Article 10 - Conformity and guarantee
Article 11 - Delivery and performance
Article 12 - Transactions to be carried out in succession: duration, termination and prorogation
Article 13 - Payment
Article 14 - Processing of complaints
Article 15 - Litiges
Article 16 - Supplementary or substitute provisions

Article 1 - Definitions

Dans le cadre des présentes conditions générales, il faut entendre par:

Delay for withdrawal: the period within which the consumer can exercise his right to withdraw.
Consumer: the natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or business and who concludes a distance contract with the business.
Jour: jour calendrier.
Transaction to be performed in succession: a distance contract concerning a series of products and/or services of which the obligation to deliver and/or collect is spread over time.
Support for durable data: any means that allows the consumer or enterprise to store information that is personally intended for it in a way that allows for its consultation and the reproduction of the information as it was recorded.

Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to withdraw from the distance contract during the withdrawal period.
Model form: the model form of the right of withdrawal which the trader puts at the disposal of the consumer when he wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal.
Entrepreneur: la personne physique ou morale qui propose des produits et/ou services à distance à des consommateurs.
Distance contract: a contract for which, in the context of a distance sales system for products and/or services organised by the trader and until the expiry of the contract, exclusive use is made of one or more means of distance communication.
Technique de communication à distance: means which can be used to conclude a contract without the consumer and the merchant meeting in the same room.
General conditions: the present general conditions of the company.

Article 2 - Identity of the trader

Plastic Forte
Driesch 13 BE-3790 Moelingen
Numéro de teléphone: +31 (0)6 14 69 00 70 (disponible entre 8h00 et 17h00)
E-mail address:
Number of company: 0688.727.021
Numéro de TVA: BE 0688727021

Article 3 - Champ d'application

These General Terms and Conditions apply to any offer made by the trader and to all distance contracts and orders between the trader and the consumer.
Before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general conditions will be brought to the knowledge of the consumer. If this should prove reasonably impossible, it will be indicated, before the distance contract is concluded, that the present general conditions may be consulted by the trader and that, at the consumer's request, they will be sent to him free of charge in the shortest possible time.
If the distance contract is concluded by electronic means, the text of these general conditions may, by way of derogation from the provisions of the previous paragraph and before the distance contract is not concluded, be made available to the consumer by electronic means in such a way that the consumer can simply save it on a durable information support. If this should prove reasonably impossible, it shall be indicated, before the distance contract is concluded, where it is possible to acquaint oneself with these general conditions via electronic means and, at the request of the consumer, to send him free copies of these conditions via electronic means or any other means.
Dans l'éventualité où, outre les présentes conditions générales, des conditions spécifiques liès aux produits ou aux services seraient applicables, les deuxième et troisième alinéas sont applicables par analogue et, en cas de conditions générales contraires, le consommateur peut toujours s'appuyer sur la disposition applicable qui est lui la plus favorable.
Should one or more provisions of these general conditions be wholly or partially invalidated or declared null and void at any time, the contract and these conditions shall remain in force for the remainder and the provision concerned shall, by common consent, be replaced forthwith by a provision which shall, as far as possible, be akin to the original provision.
Situations not foreseen by these general conditions will be evaluated 'in the spirit' of these general conditions.
Any misunderstandings regarding the explanation or content of one or several provisions of our conditions will be explained in the spirit of these general conditions.

Article 4 - L'offre

If an offer has a limited validity period or is subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.
L'offre est sans engagement. The entrepreneur has the right to change and amend the offer.
L'offre contient une description complète et précise des produits et / ou services proposés. La description est suffisamment détaillée pour permettre une évaluation correct de l'offre par le consommateur. Si l'entrepreneur utilise des images, celles-ci reflètent fidèlement les produits et / ou services proposés. The entrepreneur is not responsible for obvious errors or omissions in the offer.
All the images, specifications and information contained in the offer are indicative and cannot give rise to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.
The images with the products are a faithful reflection of the products offered. L'entrepreneur ne peut pas garantir que les couleurs affichées correspondent exactement aux vraies couleurs des produits.
Every offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer which rights and obligations are attached to accepting the offer. This concerns, in particular:
- le prix incluant les taxes
- possible costs of shipment
- the way in which the contract will be concluded and what actions are necessary to this end
- whether or not the right of withdrawal applies
- the method of payment, delivery and implementation of the agreement
- the deadline for accepting the offer or the deadline within which the trader guarantees the price
- the level of the distance communication charge if the cost of using the distance communication technique is calculated on a basis other than the normal charge for the means of communication used
- whether the agreement is archived after its conclusion and, in the affirmative, how it can be consulted by consumers
- the way in which the consumer, before the conclusion of the contract, can verify the data provided by him in accordance with the contract and adapt them if necessary
- toute autre langue dans laquelle, offre le néerlandais, le contrat peut être conclu
- the driving codes to which the operator is subject and the way in which the consumer can consult these driving codes electronically
- the minimum duration of the distance contract in the case of a multiple transaction.
- Facultatif: tailles disponibles, couleurs et type de matériaux.

Article 5 - The contract

Subject to the provisions of paragraph 4, the contract is concluded when the client accepts the offer and satisfies the conditions imposed.
If the client has accepted the offer by electronic means, the merchant shall immediately confirm the receipt of the acceptance of the offer by electronic means. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed by the merchant, the client is entitled to rescind the contract.
Si le contrat est concluent par voie électronique, le commerçant prend les mesures techniques et organisationnelles adéquates pour sécuriser la transmission électronique des données et il veille à un environnement Internet sûr. Dans le cas où le client peut payer par voie électronique, le commerçant respectera les mesures de sécurité adéquates à cet effet.
The merchant may inform himself, within the limits of the law, of the client's ability to fulfil his payment obligations as well as of all the important facts and factors for the responsible conclusion of a distance contract. If, following this analysis, the trader has good reasons for not concluding the contract, he is entitled to refuse a purchase or a request or to impose special conditions on its fulfilment.
The entrepreneur shall transmit the following information to the consumer with the product or service, in writing or in such a way that the information can be stored by the consumer in an accessible manner on a durable data support system:
- the physical address of the establishment to which the consumer may send complaints
- the conditions and manner in which the consumer may exercise his right of withdrawal, or clear notification of the exclusion of the right of withdrawal
- information on guarantees and after-sales service
- the data specified in article 4(3) of the present conditions, unless the Entrepreneur has already provided these data to the Consumer prior to the execution of the Contract
- the conditions of termination of the contract, if the contract has a duration of more than one year or is indefinite.
- In the case of a time-limited transaction, the provision in the previous paragraph applies only to the first delivery.
- Chaque contrat est conclu dans le cadre des conditions suspensives de disponibilité suffisante des produits en question.

Article 6 - Right of withdrawal

Pour la livraison de produits:

In the case of product purchase, the consumer has a period of 14 days to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. Ce délai de réflexion prend cours le lendemain de la réception du produit par le consommateur ou par un représentant désigné au préalable par le consommateur et communiqué au commerçant.
Pendant le délai de réflexion, le consommateur traitera le produit et l'emballage avec soin. Il déballera ou utilisera le produit seulement dans la mesure nécessaire pour pouvoir juger s'il souhaite conserver le produit. S'il exerce son droit de rétractation, il retournera le produit à l'entrepreneur avec tous les accessoires fournis, si possible dans l'état et l'emballage originaux, conformément aux instructions raisonnables et claires du commerçant.
If the consumer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must notify the trader within 14 days following receipt of the product. Le consommateur doit le notifier au moyen du modèle de formulaire. Après que le consommateur a notifié vouloir exercercer son droit de retractation, le client doit retourner le produit dans les 14 jours. The consumer is responsible for proving that the delivered goods have been returned in good time, for example by showing proof of postage.
Si le client, au terme des délais visés aux paragraphes 2 et 3, n'a pas notifié vouloir exercercer son droit de retractation ou n'a pas retouré le produit au commerçant, l'achat est un fait.

Pour la livraison de services:

In the case of delivery of services, the consumer has a period of 14 days to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. This period commences on the day the contract is concluded.
In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the consumer shall respect the reasonable and clear instructions given by the merchant at the time of the offer and/or as soon as possible after the performance.

Article 7 - Fees in case of retraction

If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, he will have to pay all the return costs.
Si le consommateur a versé un montant, le commerçant sera tenu de rembourser ce montant dans les meilleurs délais et au plus tard dans les 14 jours après la rétractation, à toutefois que le commerçant en ligne ait déjà vure le retour du produit ou qu'une preuve pertinente du retour complet puisse être présentée.

Article 8 - Exclusion du droit de rétractation

The trader may exclude the consumer's right of withdrawal for the following products defined in paragraphs 2 and 3.
Valid only if the merchant has clearly indicated it in the offer, at least before the conclusion of the contract.
The right of withdrawal can only be excluded for products:
- which have been manufactured by the trader in accordance with the specifications of the consumer
- which are clearly of a personal nature
- which, by their very nature, cannot be returned
- which may decompose or deteriorate rapidly
- whose price is linked to fluctuations in the financial market on which the trader has no influence
- for journals and magazines sold under number
- for audio and video recordings and information technology tools that the consumer has purchased
- for hygiene products that the consumer has disinfected
Exclusion from the right of withdrawal is only possible for services:
- accommodation, transport, restaurant or leisure activities to be provided on a given date or during a given period
- where delivery has commenced with the express consent of the consumer before the expiry of the cooling-off period
- Relatifs to parishes and lotteries.

Article 9 - The price

Pendant la durée de l'offre mentionnée dans l'offre, les prix des produits et/ou services ne sont incrementés, sauver modifications tarifaires suite aux modifications du taux de la TVA.
Contrairement au paragraphe précédent, le commerçant peut offrir les produits ou services dont les prix subissent les variations du marché financier et sur lesquelles le commerçant n'a pas d'invloed, avec des prix variables. Ce lien aux variations et le fait que les prix éventuellement mentionnés sont des prix indicatifs, seront signalés dans l'offre.
Price increases in the three months following the conclusion of the contract are permitted only if they are the consequence of regulations or legal provisions.
Price increases after three months following the conclusion of the contract are only permitted if the merchant has stipulated it and:
if they are the result of regulations or legislative provisions or if the consumer is authorised to rescind the contract from the day on which the price increase applies.
The prices shown in the product and service offers are inclusive of VAT.
All prices are subject to the reservation of printing and typographical errors. Aucune responsabilité ne sera assumée pour les conséquences d'erreurs d'impression et typographiques.
In the event of printing and typographical errors, the merchant is not responsible for delivering the product at the incorrect price.

Article 10 - Conformity and guarantee

The merchant guarantees that the products and/or services correspond to the contract, to the specifications mentioned in the offer, to reasonable requirements of quality and/or use as well as to the legal and governmental provisions in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Si convenu, l'entrepreneurit également garantit que le produit convient à une utilisation autre que son utilisation normale.
A guarantee provided by a trader, manufacturer or importer in no way prejudices any legal rights or requirements which the consumer may enforce against the trader under the contract.
D'éventuels défauts ou produits livrés de manière incorrecte doivent être notifiés par écrit au commerçant dans les 4 semaines après la livraison. Les produits doivent être retournés dans l'emballage d'origine et dans un état neuf.
The retailer's warranty period corresponds to the manufacturer's warranty period. Cependant, le commerçant n'est à aucun moment responsable de l'aptitude des produits à chaque utilisation individuelle par le consommateur, ni d'éventuels conseils à l'égard de l'utilisation ou de l'application des produits.

The guarantee does not apply in the following cases:
- Le consommateur a réparé et/ou adapté lui-même les produits livrés ou les a fait réparé et/ou adapter par des tiers.
- Les produits livrés ont été exposés à des conditions anormales ou autrement manipulés de manière négligente ou en contradiction avec les indications de l'entrepreneur et/ou sur l'emballage.
- Poor quality is due in whole or in part to the requirements that the authorities have laid down or will lay down with regard to the nature or quality of the materials used.

Article 11 - Delivery and performance

The trader will take the greatest care when receiving and fulfilling product orders and assessing service requests.
Sera considered as place of delivery, the address communicated by the consumer to the company.
En observant ce qui est mentionné à ce sujet au paragraphe 4 du présent article, l'entreprise exécutera les commandes acceptées avec la diligence nécessaire mais au plus tard dans les 30 jours, à moins qu'un délai de livraison plus long n'ait été convenu avec le consommateur. Si la livraison est retardée, ou si une commande ne peut être exécutée ou peut être exécutée qu'en partie, le consommateur en sera informé au plus tard 30 jours après avoir passé la commande. In this case, the consumer will have the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty. The consumer will not be entitled to any compensation.
All delivery times are indicative. The deadlines are indicative and do not confer any right on the consumer. In the event of failure to meet a deadline, the consumer has no right to compensation.
In case of cancellation of the contract in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article, the entrepreneur shall refund the sum paid by the consumer within the shortest delay, but most recently within 14 days after cancellation.
Si la livraison d'un produit commandé s'avère impossible, le commerçant s'efforcera de proposer un article de remplacement. Au plus tard à la livraison, il sera notifié de manière claire et compréhensible que'un article de remplacement sera livré. The cost of any returns is borne by the merchant.
The risk of damage and/or product disparities is borne by the trader, up to and including the time when the product is sold.
at the time of delivery to the consumer or to the representative indicated to the merchant, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Article 12 - Transactions over a period of time: duration, cancellation and prolongation


The consumer may at any time terminate a contract for an indefinite period with the aim of regular delivery of products (including electricity) or services, subject to the agreed termination rules and a maximum period of grace of one month.
The consumer may at any time before the end of the fixed-term contract rescind a fixed-term contract with the aim of regular delivery of products (including electricity) or services, subject to the agreed rules on rescission and a maximum period of grace of one month.
As regards contracts in the preceding paragraphs, the consumer may:
- resign at any time, without being limited to resignation at a specific time or for a specific period of time.
- resolve them in at least the same way as they have been rescinded.
- always rescind them with the same period of grace that the trader has stipulated for himself.


A contract for a definite period having as its objective the regular delivery of products (including electricity) or services cannot be renewed or extended for a definite period.
Contrairement au paragraphe précédent, un contrat à durée déterminée ayant pour objectif la livraison régulière de journaux, quotidiens, hebdomadaires et magazines, peut être reconduit tacitement pour une durée maximum de trois mois, si le consommateur peut résilier ce contrat reconduit avec un délai de préavis d'au maximum un mois.
A contract for a definite period with the object of regular delivery of products or services cannot be renewed for an indeterminate period unless the consumer can rescind it at any time, with a maximum period of notice of one month and a maximum period of notice of three months if the purpose of the contract is regular delivery, less than once a month, of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.

A contract of limited duration for the regular delivery of newspapers, daily papers, magazines and hebdomadaires within the framework of a subscription is not recognised and automatically terminates at the end of the subscription period.


If a contract has a duration of more than one year, the consumer may rescind it at any time with a period of grace of up to one month after one year, except if rescission before the end of the agreed period is not reasonable or fair.

Article 13 - Payment

Unless otherwise stated, the sums paid by the consumer shall be settled within 7 working days following the beginning of the cooling-off period as referred to in Article 6(1).
The consumer must immediately inform the merchant of any errors in the payment details provided or mentioned.
In the event of non-payment by the consumer, the trader shall have the right, subject to legal constraints, to invoice the consumer for reasonable costs which he has signed up to in advance.

Article 14 - Processing of complaints

The trader shall have a sufficiently well-informed complaint procedure and shall handle complaints in accordance with that procedure.
Complaints relating to the performance of the contract must be submitted to the trader within 7 days with a clear and exhaustive description, after the consumer has identified the defects.
Complaints submitted to the merchant will receive a response within 14 days of the date of receipt.
If a complaint requires a preferably longer processing period, the merchant shall respond within 14 days by sending a confirmation of receipt and an indication of the date when the consumer can expect a more detailed answer.
If the complaint cannot be resolved by joint agreement, the dispute will be submitted to the dispute settlement mechanism.
For complaints, a consumer should first address himself to the merchant. Si des réclamations ne peuvent être résolues de commun accord, le consommateur doit s'adresser à Thuiswinkel Waarborg (, qui tranchera gracieusement.
If a solution cannot be found, the consumer has the option of entrusting the management of his claim to Stichting GeschilOnline ( Its decision is binding and both the trader and the consumer accept this binding decision. The submission of a dispute to this arbitration board entails costs which must be paid by the consumer to the arbitration board.
It is also possible to notify complaints via the European ODR platform (
A complaint does not suspend the obligations of the merchant, unless the contrary is stated in writing by the merchant.
If the merchant considers a complaint justified, he will replace or repair, at his convenience, the delivered products.

Article 15 - Litiges

The contracts between the trader and the consumer governed by these general conditions are exclusively subject to Dutch law, even if the consumer resides abroad.
La Convention de Vienne sur la vente internationale de marchandises ne s'applique.

Article 16 - Supplementary or contrary provisions

Any additional or conflicting provisions to these general conditions should not be penalising for the consumer and should be consigned in writing or in such a way that the consumer can easily record them on a durable medium.